Born Rosalhynda to an unnamed male & female Vampire of the glymera.

Second mated shellan of Tohrment I.

Blooded mahmen of Xhexania.

Sometime soon after Rosalhynda transitioned, she was kidnapped by an unnamed Sympath, who had believed her to be his mate. The Sympath was eventually found and killed by Tohrment I and Darius, who had been hired by Rosalhynda's family to find her and bring her back alive, if possible. Saved from her captivity, she traveled with her two saviors back to her family's home. However, it quickly became apparent that Rosalhynda had conceived a child from her captor's repeated sexual assaults, and when her family learned of her 'shame', they disavowed her completely, refusing to take her or her 'spawn' into their home and disgrace their family further. Emotionally broken, Rosalhynda begrudgingly lived with her two saviors until the birth of her daughter. Moments after Xhexania was born, however, Rosalhynda killed herself, overcome by her despair.

As a result of her suicide, she was caught 'in-between' and could not pass into the Fade. As she'd been given a rather rotten deal the first time around, the Scribe Virgin took pity on her and transferred her spirit to the Chosen's Sanctuary, where Rosalhynda, now going by the name No'One, served the Scribe Virgin and the Chosen for centuries. Over that time, somehow, her spirit became corporeal, and she regained a physical body (it is not explained in the canon novel text how this was possible, but it is assumed the Scribe Virgin did it, much as she did for Mary Madonna Luce).

When No'One learned that her blooded daughter was getting mated to John Matthew, she crossed over from the Sanctuary to Earth to be there for her (at the end of Lover Mine). She stayed, hoping to fix the relationship with her only child and maybe have a part in her life now.

Working in the Brotherhood mansion in the capacity of a servant, No'One slowly began coming out of her shell, learning to live again with the help of her daughter and by being around the lovely couples within the mansion. To her surprise, she began to have feelings for Tohrment I, who had suffered through the death of his first shellan, Wellesandra. The two of them began to spend time together, and eventually, that led to physical relations.

Their relationship was a rocky one, each of them working through their own personal demons. No'One chose to change her name, to start her life over. As a result, she adopted a new name: Autumn.

In the end, she and Tohrment I discovered separately and together that life doesn't end as a result of a single, great tragedy, and that second chances can be wonderful things. Her issue resolved, she was given a new life, and she and Tohrment mated.

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