Genre & Author

The "Black Dagger Brotherhood" is a paranormal urban romance tale written by the author, Jessica Bird (alias J.R. Ward).

Story Overview

The story is about a Vampire race that lives in secret in the world, and their struggles over the ages to subsist despite being hunted by enemies, both from without and from within their own race.

Ancient Beginnings

The Vampire race was created by a female deity, known as The Scribe Virgin, during the distant past (exact date is unknown), and was until recently, governed by a patriarchal monarchy (as of The King, the government is a democratic republic, with the leader, who is given the title 'King' or 'Queen', elected for life).

It appears as though the Vampire race split off at least twice in the past at some unknown time to branch out and become two other distinct species: the Shadows and the Sympaths. Both species have, over time, created their own civilizations that are distinctly separate from Vampires. However, both species appear quite capable of sexual reproduction with both Vampires and humans.

Modern Era

The main story arc's setting is the modern era in Caldwell, New York, where the bulk of the main cast currently live in a mansion belonging to the deceased Black Dagger Brotherhood warrior named Darius.

There are other places mentioned in the narrative where Vampires are known to live currently, including 'the old world' (somewhere in Europe), South Carolina, and 'out west' (somewhere in the southwestern or western United States).


Books in the Series (ordered by timeline):