There are a number of creatures/animals that appear in the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Black Dagger Legacy series.

"Normal" Beasts

  • Boo (Elizabeth "Beth" Randall's black cat)
  • George (Wrath II's golden retriever, a service/assistance animal)
  • The Scribe Virgin's birds (various song birds and owls that reside on her white tree in Sanctuary)

Magical Beasts

  • The Beast (Rhage's curse placed upon him by The Scribe Virgin for being so reckless and careless with living things in his youth. The Beast is a dragon-like entity that resides within Rhage. It appears on his skin as a living tattoo. Rhage and The Beast do not share a conscious mind, so Rhage cannot speak to The Beast personally, or vice-versa. However, Rhage's shellan, Mary Madonna Luce has the ability to talk to The Beast at any time, as it responds to her. When Rhage's emotions or physical energy levels are out of sync, The Beast magically emerges from its captivity within Rhage, appearing as a three-story tall Steppe dragon. When The Beast is free to romp and stomp, only Mary and Wrath II have been known to calm it down. Everyone else gets out of its way and hides, for The Beast is unpredictable and deadly, and almost impossible to stop.)