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“She’s a female of worth. Hell, the brothers and I are half in love with her and not just because she’s our queen. Not that we’re, you know, inappropriate about it or anything.”

-Rhage to Wrath shortly after meeting Beth[1]

Elizabeth Randall is the daughter of the Black Dagger Brother Darius and a human woman. She's mated to the vampire king, Wrath, and they have a young son, Wrath. Beth and Wrath are the main characters of the first and twelfth books, Dark Lover and The King respectively, of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward.


Elizabeth is the blooded daughter of Darius, who openly claimed to have loved Beth's human mother. Whether that love was reciprocated remains unknown. At some point during their relationship, Beth's mother realized what her lover really was, and out of fear or anger, or both, she left him without informing him that she was pregnant at the time. It wasn't until Beth's mother was about to give birth that she contacted Darius again. Fritz, Darius's doggen, speculates that Beth's mother reached out because she was afraid of what she was bringing into the world.

Beth's mother went into labour and was brought to St. Francis Hospital before Darius could reach her. After Beth was born, her mother lived long enough to tell a nurse that the father of her child was dead. She then died of extreme blood loss, leaving behind a baby girl that appeared, in every way, to be fully human. As a newborn, Beth spent time in the Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit before going home with a nurse from the hospital.

Darius with left with watching over her from the shadows, knowing that as a Brother fighting in a war against the Lessers, he couldn't be the father Beth would need. Darius had secretly hoped that the nurse would adopt his daughter. However, the hospital soon made the nurse give Beth back.

Beth then went into the foster care system, where she lived with many families until she came of age. Her first family were the McWilliams family, who lived on Elmwood Avenue in Caldwell, but when Beth came down with pneumonia, the McWilliams' sent her back to the hospital. After that, she went on to the Ryans family, but there were too many children already living there. Beth then went to go live with the Goldrich family, who kept her until Mrs. Goldrich became pregnant. Beth was ultimately shipped off to an orphanage, which Fritz claimed that Darius could not stand because the orphanage administrators wouldn't let Beth out to play often enough.

As a teenager, Beth wrote articles for her high school newspaper, and then again for her college newspaper when she went off to university. Beth was studious and attended college on an academic scholarship. When graduation time came around Darius sent Fritz to Beth's ceremony so that he could have pictures of her receiving her degree. After graduation, Beth took a job with The Caldwell Courier Journal as a reporter of local news.

Beth was not aware that her whole life her father had been watching over her. She never got to know the truth because her father had been in a tragic accident.

Her first conscious encounter with a member of the Brotherhood came one night, as she prepared for bed. Her black cat, Boo, was restlessly pacing near her sliding glass door in her apartment. When she looked out to see what had captured Boo's attention, she noticed a large, tall man in the shadows watching her, Wrath. Wrath, son of Wrath had been sent to her by a letter left behind by Darius, because he wanted to make sure that his daughter lived through to the transition. He came in her apartment to talk to her, but instead ended up scaring her half to death. He erased the memory of their meeting, and she had no recollection of it until their next meeting when things seemed too familiar.

Wrath helps her go through her transition and she ends up being bonded to. Because she is now the shellan to the King of Vampires she is known as the queen.[1]

There was a timeline inconsistency noted: In the Caldwell Courier Vol. 1 Issue 2, a Warden Newsletter written by Ward to her fandom in 2019, Beth begins the newsletter talking about her spring cleaning fever. Later in the same issue, Lassiter gives Astrological sign predictions for that month. In it, he tells Virgos, a sun sign for mid-August to mid-September to "spring clean the f*ck out of your life", implying he's talking to Beth. That would put her birthday in September which means her transition would have happened in September 2005.

Wrath officially divorces her for political reasons after the council voted no confidence, although they have a human wedding ceremony officiated by Lassiter in an Elvis costume.

Beth and Wrath have a son together, Wrath aka LW (Little Wrath). Beth is unable to have any more children, however, due to having an emergency partial hysterectomy after giving birth.


Beth is an advisor to Wrath, a friend and confidante to the other shellans,[2] and has been known to corral the males when she thinks they're getting a little out of line.[3] She's not much for protocol, having said to Marissa once, "I'm the queen, I do what I want."[4] Thoughtful, she gave to Bella, Marissa, and Mary little white marble statues of a woman sitting cross-legged with a double-bladed dagger in the palm of one hand and an owl in the other.  The owl is a symbol of the prayers of the shellan for her hellren, represented by the dagger.[5]

Physical Description

Beth is tall, 136 lbs[6] with black hair, and blue eyes. She wears the Queen's Saturnine Ruby on the middle finger of her left hand.[7] She smells like night blooming roses.


  • She acts as the Chief Financial Officer for the Brotherhood.[8]
  • Out of everyone at the mansion, she's the best at pool.[7]
  • Having been a reporter, she has the requisite skills associated with the profession.
  • She can wrangle the Brotherhood without injuring anyone's male pride.[3]
  • Beth's unique perspective means she influences Wrath's decisions in ways that the tradition-bound vampires normally wouldn't think of themselves, such as opening up the Brotherhood to other members of the race who prove themselves worthy. The first such member is Qhuinn.


  • Due to Beth being a half-breed she is able to walk in the sunlight without being torched.[1]



Butch and Beth met through her working for the CCJ, him being a cop and her being a reporter. They became good friends, only Butch expressed attraction towards her but she didn't feel the same towards him.

John Matthew

She's close with John and gave him Darius' mansion that she inherited.[9]


From the start she was mesmerized by his charisma. Despite his initial reservations over her human side, Wrath sees her through the transition and brings her into his world where the Brotherhood immediately pledges their allegiance to her. He typically pulls her into his lap to feed her by hand at every meal.


  • She drives an Audi station wagon[10]
  • At her mating ceremony, she wore the dress Wellsie had worn to her own, which Xhex also wore later on at her own ceremony.
  • She's rather judgmental of women who drink and sees them as ugly and pathetic.[11]
  • One Halloween, she went dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things dressed up as a ghost. She always wanted to wear a sheet ghost costume and Eleven is her hero.[12]
  • She writes updates on the lives of the people living in the mansion for the newsletter in a column called "Missive From the Mansion."
  • Like most of the shellans at the mansion, she volunteers at Safe Place.
  • She drinks Sam Adams[13]