This page documents the list of inconsistencies in the novel series.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Rules


  • In "Lover At Last", before Qhuinn's induction into the Brotherhood, the following is stated: "In all the aeons of the Brotherhood, there had never been anyone inducted who wasn't the son of a Brother and a female of Chosen blood."
    • Brian "Butch" O'Neal's mother was Human, not a Vampire (much less a Chosen)
    • Muhrder's grandmahmen was not a Chosen and his sire was referred to as 'a civilian' by Vishous, not a Brother
    • Tohrment I's great-great grandmahmen was not a member of the Chosen, but Human
    • Vishous' sire (the Bloodletter) was not a Brother, and his mahmen (the Scribe Virgin) was not a Chosen

Physical Descriptions of Characters


  • In "Lover Eternal" and "Lover Unbound" she is described as a blonde. In "The Chosen", she is described as having strawberry-blonde hair.


  • In "Lover Unleashed" and again in "The King", she is described as having pale skin, pink lips, and pale blue eyes. Her hair is described as long, thick, and midnight black in colour. In "The Shadows" she is described as having skin the color of 'cafe au lait'.


  • J.R. Ward claims all events from "Dark Lover" to "The Thief" (including the BDB Legacy series) transpired within a two (2) year time frame after "Dark Lover" (which began in 2005), but the novel timelines do not match that contention:
    • "Millionaire Matchmaker" was a television show that first aired on the Bravo Network on 22 January, 2008, yet Layla and Beth both referred to it and its host, Patti Stanger, in "The King".
    • "Real Housewives" was a television show that first aired on the Bravo Network on 21 March, 2006. It's spin-offs did not begin until 2008, however (the first on 4 March, 2008, followed thereafter by multiple other versions of the show, approximately one new spin-off per year thereafter. The series is currently on-going as of May, 2018). Beth makes a reference (in her thoughts) to the multiple spin-offs of the series of "Real Housewives" in "The King".
    • "Sister Wives" was a television show that first aired on the TLC Network on 26 September, 2010, yet Beth refers to the show in a conversation with Saxton in "The King".
    • Miley Cyrus released her musical pop single "Wrecking Ball" on 25 August, 2013, yet Wrath references the song (in his thoughts) in "The King".
    • At the beginning of "The Chosen", Xcor states he'd known Layla for a year and a half by that point, which would have compressed all of the events prior to "The Chosen" down to the first six months of 2005.
    • "Stranger Things" was a television show that first aired on Netflix on 15 July, 2016. Vishous comments in "The Thief" about wanting to watch the first season on Netflix.