John Matthew is believed to be the half brother of Beth, son of Darius. Only he is the reincarnation of Darius. He later discovers that he was born a brother, named Tehrror.


John was found in a bathroom stall, where he was born, and was discovered by the Janitor who then brought him to Our Lady. He eventually runs away and goes to live on his own in a dingy apartment complex. He suffers a tragic experience where he is raped by a man in the halls with no one to help. It stays with him and in order to cope some way he moves to a place not much better than the last.


Mary was the one that provided someone to talk to, well in theory because he is mute. At the time she had been working late nights at a suicide hotline where he became a popular caller because he was never able to say a word. Not in a scary obsessive way, but he sought her out, in order to hear her voice out of comfort. He followed her one time to her home where she was spooked at first but then relaxed when she realized it was her mysterious caller. They talked well into the night, until Bella came to visit Mary. Bella noticed the bracelet that John was wearing and had a revelation, she asked about it and to see it, and by her reaction he wasn't sure what had spooked her.

Bella had convinced Mary and John to go with her to an appointment where she knew some who knew martial arts, something he was interested in. That's where John meets one of the Brothers for the first time. His confusion grew when they were escorted via car to the compound. They were brought to a room in the underground workings where Mary stayed with him to translate while they asked him questions. The Brother interviewing him had asked him if anything strange had happened to him. That's when he responded that he's dreamed odd things like fangs and blood.

On another random night John had a visitor to his apartment. Fearing for himself he got his gun and carefully opened his door, chain engaged and there stood a tall broad man. He recognized the man as a brother, letting him in the the brother, Tohrment, wanted to offer him the chance to train with them. John was worried because of his situation, he had no money. Tohrment let him know it wouldn't be a problem and gave him more time to think on the offer.

After more thinking and a scare, John contacted Tohrment and told him he wanted to take him up on the offer. He packed up what little he had and left his old life behind. From there on he lived with Tohrment and Wellsie, his live with them changed him. All he wanted was to be loved, to belong to a family, and they had provided that. Without having to be told Wellsie and Tohrment knew the type of care he needed, and they had provided him with the piece of information that was missing for him. He is a vampire, a pre-trans that is.

Tohrment takes him to the compound for his first day of training. Throughout his training days he faces a lot of trails. The first being Lash, they don't get along and that starts their story. On the upside, he meets Qhuinn and Blaylock.


For most of the beginning of John's story he's a scared boy, who's wishing for a different life. He's looking for somewhere to belong to, which does not pan out until he moves in with Tohrment and Wellsie. John loves hard and when he cares about someone and they leave or die he feels the loss deeply. On the other hand, he doesn't do well with disrespect especially when he's already in a mood.

Physical Description

For most of John's earlier part of his story is described as being thin for a male, 5'6" and 112 pounds. He has Blue eyes and brown hair. When he goes through the transition is when he grows into the muscled male body he's always dreamed of.


  • American Sign Language
  • Fights with his left hand


  • Dematirializing


  • Sarelle: Wellsie's cousin, comes over for dinner at Tohrment and Wellsie's home one night. John is struck with interest, and she is as well very interested in him. There after they talk via messaging over the computer since he can't very well talk to her over the phone. There is no official relationship, but he does share his first kiss with her.
  • Xhex: Becomes his official lover. At first they lust over each other from across ZeroSum, but when he finds out about her being Sympath and keeps her secret she rewards him with platonic sex. He doesn't take it well when she leaves him and spirals out of control. He drowns himself in booze and having one offs with women. When Xhex is enlisted in the mission to save Rehvenge she stays at the compound. That night he goes to her room and beds her, only offering the same treatment she did him. After her kidnapping do things change for them. He's tortured by the fact that she may never be coming home, only to hear that she is still alive. He desperately wants to be intimate with Xhex but she has some demons to face, and they finally get to enjoy each others company. They face their past demons together and don't fight their attraction ending up bonded and mated.


  • He saw The Matrix four times when it first came out, and is into action movies.
  • The nuns at Our Lady were the ones who gave him his name.


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