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“Normally, Lassiter was the kind of guy who was so upbeat most folks couldn’t decide whether to shoot him to put everyone out of their misery … or just grab some popcorn and a Coke and watch the show.

Because even if he pissed you off, it was always hella funny."

-Trez's thoughts about Lassiter[1]

Lassiter is a fallen angel who's since redeemed himself in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and rather than return to heaven, he chose to remain with the Brotherhood. When the Scribe Virgin stepped away from her role as the race's deity, Lassiter stepped up. In 2023, he will be getting his own book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.[2]


Lassiter was the body of the archangels[3] until he fell in love with a human woman. After her death, he went off the rails and created the Dead Sea by opening an unauthorized portal to Purgatory. Devina was behind at least one of the waves of the Black Death in Europe, which killed two-thirds of the human population, to try and stop him.[4]

To get back into his boss' good graces, Lassiter was told to find Tohrment and get him "back on track" to free Wellsie from the In Between. So he found Tohr trying to kill himself through starvation, shoved a Big Mac into his half-dead body, and brought him to the Brotherhood, telling them that he and Tohr are a two for one deal. They agreed to allow him to follow them home where he aids the brothers in the fight against their enemy, the Lessers.

After Lassiter encouraged the relationship that slowly grew between Autumn and Tohrment, the Brother was finally able to set Wellsie free from the In Between and in doing so, set Autumn and Lassiter free from their own In Between. Unfortunately, that meant Autumn found herself at the door to the Fade and would doom Tohrment to losing another female he loved, but Lassiter intervened and brought Autumn back to Tohr on earth.

He took the place of the Scribe Virgin after she willed herself into non-existence and passed her powers to him. His first miracle was to resurrect Selena as Therese.[5]


Elton John would look conservative next to Lassiter. Flamboyant doesn't even begin to cover it. He loves trashy TV, partly because he doesn't need to sleep so it occupies his time, and appears to be no deeper than a puddle, but is surprisingly wise and sweet, especially with children. Tohrment's given him an armchair diagnosis of ADD.[6]

Since leaving his In Between, Lassiter's become much more empathetic and although some of his childish antics are to distract himself from the shit he's seen, he also knows when someone needs cheering up or a distraction. As an extrovert, his hell is an eternity of isolation.[7]

Physical Description

A tall male with brilliant white pupil-less eyes with a bright blue ring around the iris, he has blonde- and black-streaked hair with a vast array of gold piercings on his face, nose, mouth and ears. He wears golden finger rings, has a beautiful voice, and smells like fresh spring air.[8] His ephemeral wings are every colour of the rainbow and appear and disappear at will.[9]


  • Annoying the bejeebus out of all the males involved with the Brotherhood.


  • The powers of the Scribe Virgin
  • He can emit an otherworldly light from his whole body, much like the Scribe Virgin.
  • Healing


The Brotherhood

He took a bullet once for the King and alongside the Brotherhood, has served as Wrath's bodyguard. The Brothers love to give Lassiter a hard time on everything from his fashion sense to his taste in television, yet they've never asked him to outright leave nor have they ever turned down his offers of help. To anyone unfamiliar with the personalities of the Brothers, it might appear that they hate the angel, but they don't make it a point to threaten or even avoid him like they do with those they truly dislike.


Lassiter originally saw Tohr as a means to an end, but helping Tohr find the will to live proved to be much more difficult than Lassiter anticipated; he found himself empathizing with the guy and caring about him after he'd spent so long detached from everything and everyone to protect himself. Using his powers of invisibility, Lassiter kept watch over Tohr even when the Brother had been a raging dick to him and the angel told him he was done with him. In the end, they managed to patch up their friendship even before Lassiter returned Autumn to him.


  • Lassiter dressed up as Santa and tried to come down the chimney to surprise the children, but he ended up getting stuck on a piece of iron that wouldn't let him dematerialize.
  • He likes to sun himself at noon when it's sunny.[10]
  • In the gauntlet the Brotherhood had recruits run as their try-out for the training program, Lassiter wore a hot pink slingshot swimsuit, snorkel mask, and a yellow and blue child's floaty doughnut. Then, while glowing, he performed a cannonball into the pool full of nauseated and electrocuted trainees.[11]
  • He wears a size 44 long.[5]
  • Vishous disabled the ability to group text on Lassiter's phone because he abused it.[12]
  • One New Year's Eve, he accidentally set his zebra-print pants on fire.[13]
  • He likes animal prints and the colour pink.[5]
  • Using a selfie stick, he once took twelve pictures of himself wearing nothing but a jockstrap and made a calendar.[14]
  • To the dismay of Butch and Vishous, he's a Yankees fan.[15]
  • The Brotherhood's set Lassiter's ring tone on their phones to Dennis Leary's "I'm an Asshole."[12]
  • He's a "boob man."[7]
  • One Halloween, he dressed up as David Lee Roth.[16]
  • When Beth and Wrath have a human wedding ceremony, he officiates while dressed as Elvis
  • First he did monthly horoscopes for the Caldwell Courier Journal newsletter, then he changed to a debate column called "Point/Counterpoint;" the winner received the Donut of Victory.
  • His extensive taste in movies and TV shows, which earns him no end of razzing from the Brothers and fights over the remote, includes:
    • The Bachelor[17]
    • Beaches (he likes Bette Midler and the beach)[18]
    • The Bodyguard (he thinks Whitney Houston's voice belongs in the top 10 of all musicians ever)[19]
    • Dr. Phil (iAm watches it with him when he can't sleep)[20]
    • Ellen[21]
    • Fuller House[22]
    • The Golden Girls[23]
    • The Mary Tyler Moore Show (he thinks "she's cool and the clothes are tight")[6]
    • Maury[24]
    • Moonlighting (he's a Bruce Willis fan)[22]
    • Oprah (he thinks she's awesome)[25]
    • People's Court[24]
    • Project Runway[26]
    • Real Housewives[24]