The following is a list of locations both real and fictional in The Black Dagger Brotherhood universe. Some have their own dedicated pages.

Audience House

Band of Bastards' Hideouts


Caldwell, NY

The Colony

Havers' Clinic

Lessening Society's Hideouts

The Mansion

The Old Country

Otherworldly Locations

Rehvenge's Adirondacks Great Camp

The Territory

Other Locations

Aqueduct Racetrack, Queens, New York[1]

Black Snake State Park, Saddleback Mountain in the Adirondacks

  • After Wellsie's death, Tohrment lived in a cave here where he fed on deer.[2]
  • Rehvenge met the Princess at a log cabin in the park a little over a mile past[3] the Lightning Strike trailhead about halfway up the eastern side of Black Snake Mountain.[4]

Butch's Uncle's House: Cape Cod, Massachusetts[5]

Childe Summer House: Hyannis Port[6]

Ehlena's Connecticut Mansion

  • Once Montrag's, it became Ehlena's after his assassination.[7]
  • Before they moved in, Ehlena had the gas-stove in the kitchen replaced with an electric range.[8]
  • The only televisions are in the doggen's quarters.[8]
  • The security monitors are kept in a locked room.[8]
  • There are 30 or so rooms.
  • The study has subtle damask patterns on the walls and couches[8]
    • An original William Turner painting of a sunset hangs over the safe in the study.[7]
    • On the desk, there's a leather blotter, a phone, a French lamp, and a crystal statue of a bird in flight
    • Her laptop is kept in a big flat drawer.
  • Alyne's old mahogany desk sits in his study.[8]
  • Lusie's suite is next to Alyne's.[8]
  • Ehlena's bedroom has peach, cream, and red curtains with silk rose patterned wallpaper[8]

The Eliahu Rathboone House

  • A plantation turned into a bed & breakfast located in Sharing Cross, South Carolina off of RR SC124[9]
  • The entrance is flanked by live oaks strung with Spanish moss[9]
  • The drawing room is to the right of the front door and hand-painted with a pastoral scene[9]
  • The third floor is off-limits to guests.[9]
    • This floor is a large open space with rough-hewn floorboards and sloped ceilings that follow the roof-line.

Greenwich Day School: Greenwich, Connecticut [10]

Marisola Morte's House: Florida

Northern Correctional Institution

Out West

  • A faction broke off from mainstream vampire culture 200 years ago and moved somewhere out west
  • There are no glymera here, mostly outlaws and exiles.

Ricardo Benloise's House

  • He lived in West Point in a 15-20,000 square foot stone house on seven or eight acres with modern sculptures in front.[12]
  • On the first floor there's a front receiving hall, a parlour, and a study; a bronze Degas statue of a ballerina is in a niche in the hallway.[13]
  • A safe is hidden in the bookshelf behind his desk in the study. A switch in the bottom right hand drawer moves a 3'x4' section of the shelving forward and to the side, revealing the safe, which is bolted to the floor. He keeps jewellery, a handgun, and stocks in it.[13]
  • His bedroom on the second floor has long windows overlooking the back gardens.[13]
    • A fireplace, desk, and a couple of armchairs are to the right.
    • His king-sized bed, en suite, and walk-in closet are to the left.

Sarah Watkins' House

  • A small three-bedroom on a small lot on a nice-and-normal street of young families in Ithaca, NY
  • A gray and white kitchen that had a round kitchen table with only three matching chairs
  • Was purchased four years before The Savior begins by Dr. Sarah Watkins and her then-fiance, Dr. Gerhard Albrecht

South Carolina Vampire Colony

The Tricounty Equine Hospital

  • About 15 minutes away from the Aqueduct Racetrack.[14]

Vampire Race's official New World Prison

  • Up north of the Canadian border.[15]

Wrath's Loft

  • Wrath has a loft apartment in a warehouse in Manhattan where he lived before meeting Beth.[16] They use it as a getaway whenever they have the rare chance.


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