Mary Madonna Luce, who was named after the Virgin Mary, is the human shellan of Black Dagger Brotherhood warrior Rhage. She was granted immortality by the Scribe Virgin after the deity discovered that Mary is sterile and cannot have children.

Romance with Rhage

Mary first met Rhage in the Brotherhood training compound when she went as a translator for John Matthew. At that time Rhage had very recently changed into the Beast and was mostly blind but was immeadiatly attracted to Mary's voice, trapping her to a wall and instructing her to keep talking. The memory of this meeting is stripped from Mary's mind soon after.

Mary was first intrudced to Rhage under the name Hal E. Wood- a play on his nickname 'Hollywood'. This was on a blind date Mary believed to have been set up by Bella, who was her neighbour.


Mary's mother- a strong catholic believer- died of multiple sclerosis while Mary watched on.

Mary worked with autisic children, teaching them to read and write, as well as doing some counceling.

Mary herself develops cancer, which she survives, but not easily. After surviving her battle with cancer Mary becomes an accountant and she volenteers at a suicide prevention hotline.

During Lover Eternal she discovers that the cancer has returned.