Payne, daughter of The Scribe Virgin, is a vampire of Chosen class, though she is a warrior and fights with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. She is twin sister to Vishous and (nearly) mated of Manny Manello.

Payne is Vishous' fraternal twin sister. She is the daughter of the Scribe Virgin and the Bloodletter. Although female, she is a warrior like her brother and father. She was kept in a state of suspended animation in the chamber of the Scribe Virgin for many decades because her mother felt that she was too much like her father and therefore a danger to herself and everyone around her. However, when the Scribe Virgin grants the Chosen free-will in Lover Enshrined, she feels that her daughter deserves the same freedom and awakens her. Regardless, due to her mother having put her in such a state to begin with, Payne bears nothing but hatred and resentment for her. Payne's story is told in Lover Unleashed.

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