Known Brothers

in order of indoctrination:

Brother Son of...

Date of Birth

Year Indoctrinated

Date of Death



Darius Tehrror and a member of the Chosen (his step-father was Marklon, who adopted him) 1618 Unknown (was already a Brother at the time of Tohrment's indoctrination) 2005  None

Elizabeth "Beth" Randall (daughter to an unknown human female)

Tohrment (a.k.a. Tohr) Hharm (disowned by him); adopted by Darius 1644 1671 N/A

First Shellan - Wellessandra, daughter of Relix (a.k.a. Wellsie - deceased)

'Second Shellan - 'Autumn (a.k.a. a.k.a. Rosalhynda, daughter of the Princeps Council leahdyre, Sampsone, a.k.a. No'One). Autumn and Tohr are not officially mated as of 2013, but they are together in a monogamous, committed relationship.

Tohrment II (Wellsie was killed while pregnant, and the child was never born, but was named in Wellsie's Fade Ceremony)

Tohrment has no other known children outside of either mating.

Wrath II (a.k.a The Blind King) Wrath 1665 1690 N/A

Fiancee - Marissa, daughter of Wallen (Wrath's arranged bonding to Marissa was dissolved by mutual agreement; the couple never consummated their bond and Wrath never took Marissa as his official Shellan)

First Shellan - Elizabeth 'Beth' Randall

None in current timeline.

 (a.k.a. 'V')

The Bloodletter & The Scribe Virgin 1704 1739 N/A First Shellan - Jane Whitcomb (a.k.a. Doc Jane) None in current timeline. Jane is a ghost and cannot conceive; Vishous has no known children outside this mating.

(a.k.a. 'Hollywood', a.k.a. "Hal E. Wood")

Tohrture 1843 1898 N/A First Shellan - Mary "Madonna" Luce

None in current timeline.Mary is infertile and cannot conceive; Rhage has no known children outside of this mating.

Zsadist (a.k.a. 'Z') Ahgony 1778 1932 N/A First Shellan - Bella, daughter of Rempoon Nalla
Phury (Primale of the Chosen) Ahgony 1778 1932 N/A

First Shellan - Cormia of the Chosen

None in current timeline. However, in "Lover Enshrined" we get a peek of the future, and see these two have a son named Aghony (nicknamed "Aggie")

Dhestroyer (Brian O'Neill, a.k.a. 'Butch')

Descendant of Wrath 1960 2007 N/A First Shellan - Marissa, daughter of Wallen (after the dissolution of Marissa's relationship with Wrath II, she became Butch's Shellan) None in current timeline.


Lohstrong (disowned by him); unofficially adopted by Rocke and his Shellan 2013 N/A

No Shellan, but he mates with Blaylock, son of Rocke.

Layla, Fallen of the Chosen, carries Qhuinn's young in her womb in the current timeline. Qhuinn has divined this child will be a female (he saw a vision of his daughter when he approached the Fade and almost died once) .

Tehrror II (John Matthew)

(Brotherhood status hinted at for the upcoming 'The King' novel)

He is Darius reincarnated, so his father would still be Tehrror I and his mother a member of the Chosen, technically (John wasn't born in the traditional sense - he just appeared one day as a fully formed child on Earth as John Matthew and has no memories of being Darius). He is wrongly believed to be the decendant of Darius by the Brotherhood, who do not know his reincarnated status.

2013 N/A First Shellan - Xhexania (a.k.a. Xhex), daughter of Autumn (Xhex's father was an unknown Sympath) None in current timeline.
Tehrror I  Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown First Shellan - a member of the Chosen (name unknown) Darius