Various cars from all price ranges, makes and styles feature throughout all of the BDB books. This is fitting as there are all sorts of people who own the various cars and all of them have them for different purposes.

Brotherhood cars

The Black Dagger Brotherhood collectively own many cars, including but not limited to, Butch and Vishous' Escalade, Rhage's (purple?) GTO, Fritz's Mercedes. Zsadist also has an iron-grey Porsche Carrera 4S.

Prior to Darius' death, he had a BMW- it was blown up along with him.

At a point between books, the Brotherhood acquire two minibuses which are used to shuttle the pre-trans near-warrior-class to and from the training facility. They have screens in them that, while not specifically mentioned in the series, are likely to block out sunlight.

While not a car, Payne has a horse named Glory that was given to her by Dr. Manello (Manny).

Lesser cars

For the most part, all the Lessers drive crappy, POS cars that don't draw attention. There were a number of more functional Lesser cars, such as a van, a 4x4, etc.

One Forelesser however, took it as his privilege as Forelesser to buy himself (with Lessening Society money) a Hummer. Color is not specified.

Other Character's Vehicles

Rehvenge drives a Bentley.

Xhex drives a motorcycle.

Dr. Jane Whitcomb had an Audi, but Vishous crashed it to cover up her death.

Dr. Manello drives a silver Porsche Carrera 4S. When he moves in with the Brotherhood, he brings it with him.