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Zsadist's story is told in the third book, Lover Awakened.

Zsadist, son of Aghony, is a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Zsadist is the elder (by ten minutes) twin to Phury, mated to Bella, daughter of Rempoon, and father of Nalla.

Taken as an infant from his family, he is forced into blood and sexual slavery until his twin, Phury, rescues him a century later. He was described as being "ruined, not broken" by all those who knew him prior to his meeting the beautiful, aristocratic vampire Bella. His transformation from tortured soul to Bella's hellren (husband) is told in Lover Awakened. Zsadist and Bella have a young daughter, Nalla. In addition, his eyes, once black as pitch, have regained the same yellow-gold of his twin's, reflecting the change that Bella and Nalla brought about in him, although when Zsadist is angry, his eyes can return to black.

Romance with Bella

Zsadist is the Brother who Bella identifies as having rescued her from the grasp of the lesser David.

Foreign Translations

Zsadist's name in other language translations:

  • Zadisuto - Japanese